Palatal Expander

Make space for your new smile

Palatal expanders widen the upper jaw so the upper and lower teeth fit together properly.

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Attached to the inside of the upper molars, a palatal expander widens the upper jaw by exerting gentle, outward pressure. Expanders treat bite problems and address crowded or impacted teeth.

Once you’ve reached the desired expansion, you’ll continue wearing the expander for several months to solidify the jaw’s new position and prevents relapse.

Palatal expanders can be adjusted at home. We’ll teach you how, but you can follow these instructions as a reminder:


Step 1

In a well-lit area, tip the patient’s head back.


Step 2

Place the key in the hole until it’s firmly in place.


Step 3

Push the key toward the back of the mouth. You will notice the fender will rotate and the new hole will appear. The rotation stops when the key meets the back of the expander.


Step 4

Press back and down toward the tongue to remove the key. The next hole for insertion of the key should now be visible.

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