Time-backed solution for an impactful smile.

Technological advancements and multiple options make this classic treatment more appealing than ever.


Traditional metal braces

Metal braces gently straighten your teeth with high-grade stainless steel brackets and archwires. Because they’re efficient and cost effective, metal braces are the most popular choice. Plus, you can customize your look with colorful elastics.

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Clear aligners

Clear aligners are trays that fit over your teeth to gradually align your smile and correct your bite. Your trays are changed frequently to move your treatment along. Benefits? Your invisible aligners maintain your privacy during treatment, and their slim and comfortable design doesn’t irritate your mouth. They’re also removable, which means no restrictions on your diet and no-hassle brushing and flossing.

Clear (ceramic) braces

Ceramic braces are similar to traditional metal but use brackets made of clear materials. Because they’re less visible on your teeth, they’re a good choice for adults and teenagers who want the same great results as metal braces with a more seamless look. Ceramic brackets are larger and a bit more brittle, so we mostly use them on upper front teeth.

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