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Gone are the days of messy and uncomfortable putty impressions. We use the iTero® Element, a digital impression system that creates an accurate digital impression of your teeth and mouth without the goop and gagging. Within minutes, the radiation-free handheld wand scanner renders a perfect 3D digital model, which we can use for any treatment. You’ll get to look at the models with us as we discuss your care, and you can visualize your future smile with our Invisalign Outcome Simulator.

Early detection of orthodontic problems can prevent more costly and invasive treatments down the road. Using an iTero® scanner, we can see with incredible detail every aspect of your teeth and mouth, allowing us to design your customized treatment plan. You’ll see everything we see on our shared monitor so you can make more informed decisions about your care.

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Dental Monitoring

We make your treatment more efficient with our remote dental monitoring system. Between appointments, you send selfies of your mouth to us, and we guide your treatment with automated and live messaging. We’ll let you know if any changes need to be made. Our dental monitoring system makes your treatment even more effective while reducing your number of in-office visits.

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Berkshire Orthodontics is delivering confident smiles using technology to improve the diagnosis of oral health issues while delivering the best orthodontic services services. CAT scans in dentistry are a new standard for the 21st century, providing three-dimensional images using computer assisted tomograph or CAT scan technology. 

ICAT scans are easy on patients. The process is quick and painless. A full mouth imaging ICAT scan typically takes 20 to 40 seconds for a 360-degree rotation, and less than 10 seconds for scanning only a specific area.  During your ICAT scan appointment you may need to remove any metal objects that could interfere with the imaging results, including partials or dentures, jewelry, eyeglasses, hair clips or hearing aids. If you have removable dental work, bring it with you to your examination.

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Carriere appliances replace bulky headgear to correct when a bite is misaligned. The low-profile appliances are hidden discreetly in your mouth and can correct your bite within four to six months. After the Carriere appliance has done its job, you’ll get braces to finish correcting your bite and perfectly align your teeth. It’s a sleek solution for a stunning smile.

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